Our mission is simple...to trend not blend.  To be one in a million...not a million and one. To draw crowds, not follow them. Our focus? Quality over quantity, and our clients--their sexiness,  sophistication,  confidence and desire to stand up and out amongst the rest. We want you to make a statement  without saying a word.


Tired of seeing your pieces rocked by others? We are. Say buh-bye to the boring, basic and typical. Say hello to the hip, unique, chic, beautiful designs by Sydneys's Seoul, Inc. While you'll soon see Sydney's Seoul rocked by many, you will never see them rockin' the piece you've purchased. How? Because each piece is handcrafted, altered and/or designed. Meaning each is different, quantities + editions are limited. No bulk, S.O.S (style off the shelf) designs here. Nope.

The accessory world is in need of change and a little soul...Sydney's Seoul. Pieces that are bold, full of character, individuality and confidence. Pieces that make a statement without saying a word.